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5th International Conference on Service and Education Research (ICSERV 2024)

Jese Leos
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Published in Serviceology For Services: 5th International Conference ICServ 2024 Vienna Austria July 12 14 2024 Proceedings (Lecture Notes In Computer Science 10371)
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Vienna, Austria | July 12-14, 2024

About ICSERV 2024

The 5th International Conference on Service and Education Research (ICSERV 2024) is a global platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to converge and engage in cutting-edge research and discussions on the interrelation between service and education.

Hosted in the vibrant city of Vienna, Austria, ICSERV 2024 offers a unique opportunity for academicians and industry professionals to connect, share knowledge, and foster collaborations in the field of service and education research.

Significance of ICSERV 2024

ICSERV 2024 holds significant importance in the academic and research landscape for several reasons:

  • Cross-disciplinary Perspectives: ICSERV 2024 brings together researchers from diverse fields, allowing for the exchange of innovative ideas and interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Dissemination of Knowledge: The conference provides a platform for participants to present their original research findings and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in service and education research.
  • Networking and Collaborations: ICSERV 2024 offers an ideal setting for networking and establishing collaborations with leading experts in the field.
  • Promotion of Research Culture: The conference fosters a culture of academic excellence and encourages the next generation of scholars to engage in research activities.

Conference Themes

ICSERV 2024 encompasses a wide range of themes that explore the multifaceted relationship between service and education:

  • Service Excellence in Education: Innovative approaches to delivering high-quality educational services.
  • Education for Service Innovation: The role of education in fostering creativity and service innovation.
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Service-Learning: Methodologies and frameworks for evaluating service-learning programs.
  • Technology-Enabled Service Education: The use of technology to enhance service education experiences.
  • Service-Learning in Higher Education: Case studies and best practices of service-learning implementations.
  • Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Service Education: Comparative studies of service education approaches from different cultural contexts.
  • Service-Oriented Research Methods: Innovative research methods that emphasize service and social impact.
  • Ethics and Values in Service Education: Ethical considerations and values-based approaches in service education.
  • The Future of Service and Education: Emerging trends and future directions in service and education research.

Call for Papers

ICSERV 2024 invites researchers, scholars, and practitioners to submit original research papers that address the conference themes. All submissions will undergo a rigorous peer-review process by a panel of experts in the field. Accepted papers will be presented at the conference and published in the ICSERV 2024 conference proceedings.

Paper Submission Deadline:

March 15, 2024


Interested participants can register for ICSERV 2024 through the conference website. Early bird registration discounts are available until May 15, 2024.

Registration Fees:

  • Regular Registration: $450
  • Student Registration: $250
  • Virtual Attendance: $200

Conference Venue

ICSERV 2024 will be held at the prestigious Vienna Convention Center in the heart of Vienna, Austria. The state-of-the-art facility provides an ideal setting for the conference, with its spacious meeting rooms, exhibition halls, and convenient location.

Vienna Convention Center Serviceology For Services: 5th International Conference ICServ 2024 Vienna Austria July 12 14 2024 Proceedings (Lecture Notes In Computer Science 10371)

Contact Information

For any inquiries or further information about ICSERV 2024, please contact the conference secretariat:

Copyright © 2024 ICSERV Conference Organizing Committee. All rights reserved.

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